Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Neuer alter Song

Ein alter Song von August 14, ich hab ihn für einen Jungen aus meinem Tanzkurs geschrieben.

Today once again
I was so sad I fell asleep
didn't know how to spent
the day, or this week

Today I spent my time 
in my head and felt you
fading from my mind
is there nothing I can do

But waiting till september
hope I can make it there
hope that if I do you remember

Today felt so restless at night
just want you here by my side
tonight told my demons not to win
tonight took a blade to my skin

wiriting your name
I'm going insane
but you're already in my vein
tell me to

hold on till september
hold on and then I
can make you remember
things that we told us
things and we'll share love
when I could make you come back

things back in august
fate didn't love us
all the things that I lost but

the times back in july
and that wonderful night
when danced stop the time

before you left me cry
man you left me to die
back this july day

what can I say in june
I simply didn't knew
that drinking with you
would make my life be on the matter
of a fucking september afternoon