simply me

hello every one. im carlotta. 7/11/1997. Obsession with old stuff. No matter what. Old music. Old clothes, fashion. Old buildings. Old photos. Old stories.
Sometimes i wish i was born in another century. Most people say, wow youre so creative!, when i tell them about my hobbies. But actually im not, no. Maybe because i like to sing, dance, write songs, stories, poems, even quotes, i also sew and take photos. sounds like that but most of the time i sit around and dont really know what to do.. In public im always 'the girl that doesnt speak'. With my friend im the one that always speaks. Try to be optimistic every time and see things on their good site. But it doesnt always work. maybe it doesnt seem to you like this but im soo shy.. i hate being shy. i moved a lot in my life but i havent lived in another country yet. i would like to do so later after i finished school. i love experiening new places people culture also love to travel and really want to take a trip around the world on  kind of an old vw bus..  i kinda dress like rachel berry i really like her style and love her ambition i wish i would be a bit like her. im not like all the other which seperates me sometimes. i always try to be polite and kind to every one because i think every one has the right to be well treated. i believe that you can only take a beautifull picture of some one if you deem her or him to be beautifull. i hate being like that but im not self-confident at all if you asked me to say what i like about myself i would have really no idea. i dont know why but i change myself a lot. when i look at my friends and the years a shared with them, well they growed up but theyre still themselves. when i look at myself i see so many faces, so many different hair cuts, or hair colors, so many creepy and different fashion. and after that i ask myself who truly am i? i dont know the answer yet. but i think thats not a thing that comes from one to another second, its sth that comes over many years.

At last i want to apologize for all those grammarr mistakes and my bad language, dont know actually im quite good in english but sometimes my mind works faster than my fingers, or my fingers dont work at all..
dont take those mistakes too serious i try to correct every but if you still see some let me know. ♥